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I would like to give some additional detail informations, which are not available in the standard documentation.
1.)temperature display: The temperature display shows a temperature value, which is mainly used for the temperature compensation of the pressure transducer. There the absolute value is not that important and only the pressure change relative to a temperature change is off interest. If the absolute temperature displayed on your CoMo differs to much from the real temperature you can change that. If the temperature key is pressed together with the On key at turn on, then the display shows in the lower page something like "temperature offsett = 8022". Every tick of the rotary key, changes the temperature around 0.6 degrees. This works only, if there is no GPS module present. So if you have a EASY or OLC version you have to remove the GPS before doing a temperature offsett recalibration.

2.) Starting with Release 1.30 the OLC CoMo will transmit ALL tracklogs available to the PC, if not a specific one is selected in the flightbook.

3.) Generally we recommend to plug or unplug the USB cable always to a powered CoMo. So first switch the CoMo on and then connect the USB cable. For power off vis versa. First we remove the USB cable and then we switch the CoMo off.
4.) If the CoMo is used only sometimes at low temperature, then we recommend the Energizer Lithium AA cells. They are lightweight and work also at -20 degrees Celcius.
If you fly often at low temperatures then our Solar Modul is recommended.
5.) Maxpunkte Error "Track contains no datapoints". This could happen if there is in the flight book a tracklog assumed, but there are no real track data. If such an error occurs, the flight book can be asynchronous to the tracklog numbers. We recommend to use the method described under 2.) for uploading in such cases. Connect the CoMo and upload ALL tracklogs stored. Then the specific tracklog could be selected using the Maxpunkte time window button.
After the upload an erase of the whole logger memory fixes the behaviour.

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